upowerd fails

Sometimes, when I'm not directly around or I forgot to put the powersupply into my laptop. My laptop runs into the critical power action. Because I'm using upowerd, my machine try to does this:

  • HibernateSuspend (fails)
  • Hibernate (fails)
  • PowerOff

Great! My machine shuts down, in the middle of doing something. It would take 2 minutes to get a powersupply, but too late!!

But there might be a solution for this: Suspend. My machine can survive more than 1 hour in suspend with this low battery.

It would help me NOT loosing my current unsaved work.

After looking into the upowerd, it's just a 1 line code change to allow this. It is not a good default, but there are people who like to use this.

But .. upowerd doesn't like. They not even want to allow the user to take this option. Indepentent that I agree, this shouldn't be the default. We're discussing this issue for years. Without any solution. Upowerd want to decide what users should do with there laptop and what not.

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