Mikrotik wAP R AC / wAP ac LTE / wAP ac LTE6

  • CPU: QCOM IPQ4018 / 4x ARM Cortex A7
  • RAM: 128MB DDR3L NT5CC64M16GP-DI NANYA 1909
  • flash: 16MB SPI-NOR Winbond 25Q128JVSM
  • wifi: 2x 802.11ac, 1x 2.4Ghz, 1x 5Ghz ipq4018 with external lna/pa
  • 2x 1GBit ethernet ports, 1 PoE in, 1 normal ethernet
    • QCA8072 dual port ethernet phy
  • miniPCIe slot: usb2 & simcard but no pcie.
  • ZT2046Q: for voltage and temp sensing. A cheap touchscreen controller compatible to ads7846.
  • high_res_front high_res_back
PCBA of a Mikrotik wAP R AC frontside PCBA of a Mikrotik wAP R AC backside