3com/HP Fix LACP Error 'The port is not configured properly.'

I got the task to setup LACP witch an not so new 3com siwtch on one side and a Debian Jessie + OpenVSwitch on the other. Usally not a so big problem. Just keep in mind, 3com was bought by HP and is still using 3com software in their newer products. It's even possible to update an 3com switch with HP firmware if you're lucky to know which HP product matches your HP switch. Back to the task: setup LACP. I've done everything mentioned in the manual: * Check all ports are the same media type * All ports must be configured in the same way * have the same LACP priority

Everything seems be ok. The documentation also say that all Ports will loose their individual port conifiguration when added. On the switch side I can see the switch is showing my Linux Box as port partner, but still the link group isn't going into 'Active' state. Still showing 'The port is not configured properly.'. An update is not a option from remote, to much service depends on this switch. Let's take a closer look on the VLAN configuration. The LACP group isn't configured yet for any VLAN. But the ports still have an old configuration with tagged VLAN and is in hybrid mode? Why? It has a PVID configured, but not an untagged vlan asigned. Looks strange.

Go to VLAN -> Modify Port: Select both LACP ports as well as the LACP group and set them into Trunk mode without any VLAN. Now the LACP changed to active. Maybe this changed in newer HP firmware versions.